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I'm not the sort of person to say I told you so but this is one time where I will if my prediction pans out. And given the mentality of the average voter in the United States, I don't have any doubt that it will.

The way politics work in this country when it comes to congressional and presidential elections is we either rubber-stamp the Republican candidate who has the most famous last name or best looks or the Democratic candidate who has the most famous last name or best looks. The current president, George W. Bush, is an absolute perfect example of what I'm talking about. You take away the famous last name and no one knows who this guy is. Let's face it, congressional and presidential elections in this country are little more than popularity contests. Leadership capabilities and intelligence practically never play a role in who gets elected in this country.

One of the leading contenders at this time for the 2008 presidential election is former first lady Hillary Clinton. Most of the talk surrounding Mrs. Clinton is centered on the fact that she could become the first female elected to the presidency. I don't have a problem with a woman being elected to the job, and it's going to happen sooner or later. But if that woman happens to be Mrs. Clinton we better be prepared to break out the rubber stamp once again because we're going to need it. In fact, it might be a good time to invest in a company that manufactures rubber stamps.

Even if the election has already run its course by the time you read this, and even if Mrs. Clinton isn't the eventual winner, what follows should still serve as a warning for future elections. Besides that, at her age Mrs. Clinton can be expected to make at least one more run, maybe two.

Mrs. Clinton isn't just any female candidate. Because she's also a former first lady, it will almost certainly establish a new precedent in this country if she's elected. In fact, that's exactly what I'm predicting is going to happen if Hillary Clinton succeeds in getting elected. What you'll see in the future is that when a president's last term is up, his or her spouse will then run and get elected.

Giving the mentality of the average American voter, If Mrs. Clinton is elected it will almost certainly establish a new precedent where when a president's last term is up, the public will first look to that person's spouse as a successor before then considering some other candidate on the basis of looks or famous last name, or vice versa. It's also realistic to believe that once one first lady or first man runs, future ones will feel compelled to do the same.

One thing about democracy is it's a system where the public gets what the public deserves. In the case of George W. Bush you have a politician who the public elected strictly on the basis of the famous last name and in the end the public got just exactly what the public deserved - Iraq!

That alone should demonstrate why merely rubber-stamping the ones who get to lead us can be very, very dangerous.

Well, when I look at Hillary Clinton I see several things that lead me to believe that we appear to be ready to do it all over again. For one thing, she's just another millionaire, pampered, bowl-of-cherries, Cinderella baby with a famous last name, just like George Bush was - like we don't have enough of 'em in government already. Both got their famous last names by being in the right place at the right time - him by being related to a former president, her by being married to one.

And then there's that ego trip. If Mrs. Clinton isn't on the biggest ego trip on the face of the planet, who would be? I'm sorry, but all I see when I look at her is famous last name and one gigantic ego trip and practically little else. I certainly don't see anything that distinguishes her from any of the other candidates that threw their hat into the contest at the beginning of the campaign season. And I also don't see anything that distinguishes her from any of the politicians who have made up the status quo in Washington for the past several decades. From my vantage point she's running strictly on famous last name, celebrity and ego.

And that conclusion was somewhat confirmed back in 1992 when her then-president husband tasked her with coming up with a solution to what I believe is the most serious social issue facing our society - the health care fiasco. Very little, if anything, came out of that effort. The result was just one gigantic waste of time and money. Frankly, I'm still laughing some sixteen years after the fact.

You would think that that feeble attempt to take on one of society's most serious issues and then fail miserably at it would eat into Mrs. Clinton's popularity as a viable presidential candidate. In actuality, it doesn't surprise me at all that it hasn't. She has the name and the celebrity, just the kind of thing a lot of American voters yearns for.

To me, Hillary Clinton also represents everything that's wrong with Washington. The reason that the average person in this country doesn't have any representation at the highest levels of government is because we keep rubber-stamping these pampered, bowl-of-cherries, Cinderella babies who are only going to look out for themselves and their pampered, bowl-of-cherries, Cinderella baby comrades outside of government. Why do you think that Americans pay the highest prices in the world - twice as high as the next highest - for prescription drugs?

So going with the status quo this time will result in the dangerous practice of adding yet another rubber stamp to a system that should've been eliminating them in the first place. It will further lock in the form of rubber-stamp politics we have now.

I don't expect any of what I said here to make one bit of difference, but that wasn't the intent. The intent was to leave behind an I-told-you-so. One day when future generations look back at this time they'll be able to see that there was at least one individual in this country who had the intellectual capacity to recognize it for the farce that it is.

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