Stop Calling Us "Baby Boomers"


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If you were born any year from 1946 to 1964 you know the label by now: Baby Boomer. I was born in 1953 and can't ignore the fact that every time someone mentions that ugly sounding term they are talking about me.

I don't know who it was that cooked up the term. I could've easily researched it but thought there were better uses for my time. Suffice it to say that some cornball dreamt it up and if you want to know who, I refer you to the Internet. It really doesn't matter. I do know that the term has its roots in the boom in births that occurred in the period directly following World War Two.

The bottom line is if you were born from 1946 to 1964 you've been saddled with a label around your neck that you more than likely never had any input on. At least the last time I checked I don't recall ever receiving a survey in the mail asking me how I felt about being referred to as a baby boomer. And had I been asked I would have told them.

I'm going to make this short and sweet and to the point. Because we've been already saddled with a label, we'd probably have a better chance of changing the one that we've been saddled with than we would have of stopping people from referring to us with a label altogether. I'd like to nominate one of my own: The Sixties Generation.

All so-called baby boomers spent part of their childhood in the 1960's. It is the 1960's that defines all so-called baby boomers. Period!

Even if you don't like my choice you have to admit that it's better than the current tag. There's something about that one that has a peculiar ring to it. It's like something that you eat that leaves a bad taste in your mouth. It's undignified. We're worthy of better.

So I invite all of you who were born from 1946 to 1964 to please join with me in serving notice that the ill-advised and undeserving wretch of a label that was heaped on us without any input on our part is officially being replaced with one that restores our dignity and more appropriately defines who we are: The Sixties Generation!

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