American aid to Israel unconstitutional

As far back as Nov 2, 1917, Britain called for a national homeland for Jews in more

Israel no friend or ally of the United States

They spy on us. They defy us. They insult our vice president when he's in the country. They vociferously attack our president. They've cost the American people well over $2 trillion, and counting. They bring worldwide scorn and condemnation to the United States. And the list goes on and more

Israel's cost to the American people at least $2 trillion and growing

If anyone wants to know why the government almost defaulted on its debt obligations over the summer they might want to start with its highly questionable commitment to more

Christianity's many fatal flaws

I'm 58 years old at the time of this writing and can honestly say that there has never been a time in my life when I didn't believe that we come back as humans again after we die. I'll even go as far as to say I really don't have any doubt about more

Barack Obama responsible for the era of the democratic dictatorship

I suspect that a lot of people in this country who already have health insurance through theirs or their spouse's employer might not really care about the government's plan to force people who don't have it to buy it. Well, I suggest that those people start to consider the ramifications of just exactly what Obama and his supporters in Congress are trying to do here.... read more

Classic left over from 2010:

No evidence for Islam

Having been born and raised in the United States, a predominantly Christian country, I grew up with some knowledge of Christianity and its origins. On top of that, every Sunday morning my mother hauled me and my brother out of bed and sent us both off to Sunday school until we each made our confirmation in the Methodist church at age more

Classic left over from 2008:

The final debunking of Christianity

If you listen to Christians in the United States you might come away with the impression that they're a persecuted lot. They'll point to things like the opposition to the displaying of the Ten Commandments in public buildings, the opposition to prayer in public schools, and attempts by others to remove references to God from our currency, etc... However, if you take a close look at the real picture what you'll see is that it's really the other way around. It's the Christians who go around trying to persecute everyone else all the more

The OP that brought down a U.S. senator:

Against Zero Odds: The farce of Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts

On the surface, we both appear to have a lot in common. We were both born in the 1950's, me in '53, him 6 years later. I grew up in Massachusetts. He grew up in Massachusetts. He claims to have been abused while growing up. I claim I was abused while growing up.... read more

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What you didn't know about American history

If someone asked you what you thought was the most significant event in American history, what do you think your response would be? Would you say the Revolutionary War? How about the Civil War? Slavery? World War One? World War Two? The struggle for civil rights?... read more