The Unintimidated Press discovers major red flag in first five verses of the Bible that debunks the entire book ...read

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Israel a cancer growing on the United States

Not long after World War Two ended, Jews scattered around the world wanted to establish a homeland on land in the Middle East for worshipers of the Jewish faith. The problem was, it was smack dab in the middle of a hostile ocean of Islam, and on land that was already inhabited by over 700,000 Palestinian Muslims ...continued

Series of foreign policy blunders expose extreme intelligence void at the highest levels of the government

When noting blunders in American foreign policy the problem isn't so much where to begin. It's where to stop. Sadly, since the end of World War Two, American foreign policy has been a parade of one stupendous blunder right after another ...continued

Christianity a looming recipe for disaster

Christians in the United States don't seem to merely be content with going off amongst themselves and practicing their beliefs amongst themselves and minding their own business. They've made it clear that they expect everyone else in society to conform to what they believe as well ... continued

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The Stupidest decision the U.N. ever made

The date: November 29, 1947. The place: United Nations headquarters, New York. The event: the United Nations General Assembly passes Resolution 181 partitioning Palestine into Arab and Jewish states. And thus became what was easily the stupidest decision the U.N. ever made, ...continued

Why the Jews' claim to Israel's land is bogus

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says that the Jews have a biblical connection to the West Bank ...continued

World population growth reduces amount of time God has to judge someone

In 2008, we were curious to know how much time the god mentioned in the Bible would have to judge someone after they die before there would already be someone else waiting for their judgment as well ...continued